About H+

Helsingborg is one of the fastest growing cities in Sweden. The city has a healthy business climate and the amount of newly started companies is higher here than the national average. Good living environments, a wide range of schools, a reputable Campus Helsingborg (part of Lund University) and good communications are some of the things that make people choose to come to Helsingborg. Add to that a city pulse and spectacular natural surroundings.

By the year 2035, Helsingborg will have grown with approximately 40 000 new inhabitants. In order to meet future needs, the city is expanding with 1000 new residencies yearly. Several large city renewal projects with exciting architecture and new creative meeting places will inspire more people to develop their ideas in the city. In other words, we know what we want and what we are aiming for: An exciting, attractive, and sustainable place – a magnet for creativity and competence.

By 2035 Helsingborg will be a creative, vibrant, united, global and balanced city. The city for those who want something.

These are our plans

H+ is the largest city renewal project in Helsingborg in modern times. By 2035 the old harbour and industrial areas, around one million square meters in size, will evolve into a mixed city. The H+ area will make room for the new and existing city districts Oceanhamnen, Universitetsområdet, Husarområdet and Gåsebäck, which will also be linked together with the city centre and the surrounding districts. In this way, Helsingborg will be brought together into a tightly-knitted and even more attractive city. The first district up for development is Oceanhamnen.

Did you know that H+ stands for the fact that Helsingborg is going to add more citizens, more businesses and more meeting places?

A blue-green passage is being planned that will bind together the city districts and create areas for recreation and meetings. By 2035 the four districts will provide space for 5000 residencies, office buildings, schools and other municipal services. Shops and restaurants, as well as several meeting places both inside and outside, will also be built. It should be attractive, comfortable and smart to live here, with short distances to daily services. The closeness to the central station (Helsingborg C) in the north and Ramlösa station in the south, along with good walking and cycling paths, will make it possible for many citizens to prioritize sustainable journeys.

We are already partway there

One of the ambitions is to tie together the southern city district Söder with the city centre and the new districts Oceanhamnen and Universitetsområdet. Construction of the new neighbourhoods, which include hotels, office buildings and services, at Konsul Olssons and the new entrances to Helsingborg C at Stadsparken have been strategic investments to connect Söder with the city centre.

Work is currently being done to develop and modernize Helsingborg’s central station, Helsingborg C. Recently, the new offices looking out on Öresund were completed. Several building jobs have been executed at the station and more are being planned in the upcoming years. Among other things, there are plans for a walking and cycling bridge from Helsingborg C to the new district Oceanhamnen, with the purpose of increasing closeness and accessibility to the city centre.