In conjunction with the first inhabitants moving into Oceanhamnen, the new treatment plant RECO LAB will be in operation to take care of the waste from the new sewage system.

A new district is being planned in Oceanhamnen. In the first phase the plan is to build 350 residences and 3 office buildings. This is also when the new sewage system will be prepared.

The new residences and office buildings will be equipped with vacuum toilets and kitchen grinders in the kitchens to enable collection of toilet and food waste through two separate pipes as well as a pipe for handling bath, shower and wash water.

In order to treat the three separate streams a new development plant will be built in connection to the waste treatment plant. By handling toilet and food waste separately, biogas production is expected to double compared with traditional systems.

RECO LAB consists of three parts

The development plant, testbed and showroom are the three parts that make up the Vinnova-financed project RECO LAB, which will be a meeting-place for research and development within the whole chain, from collection and treatment of the waste streams to communication with the users.

The goal is a testbed that is integrated in a full-scale system with leading-edge technology, offering excellent opportunities for visualisation and education, along with communication that supports positive behaviour.

The move-in date for Oceanhamnen is planned for 2019, by which time the new system will be in place and the testbed will be in operation for researchers, businesses and other interested parties to test and develop the sustainable systems of the future.